Frigidaire PLES389ECE Oven Door Locked

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sella and my wife and i obtained this


slide in professional

dole stove about five years ago and this

Thanksgiving just about a month and a

half ago we had an experience with it in

which the oven door locked and I spent

weeks researching on the Internet to try

and find how to fix the stove this video

is intended to give you insight that I

wished I had when the event first

happened the problem took place when the

self-cleaning mode was pushed on the

oven I don't recommend that you do that

at some point in time this message

showed up on the digital readout little

screen that the oven was locked the

little lock insignia and the message

that the oven was locked I did all the

things that I found on the internet that

they suggested you can do turning the

power off unplugging it leaving it off

for long periods of time specific

sequences of buttons to push I tried all

the things that I found with a lot of

looking and none of them seemed to work

at all most of the YouTube videos

suggested the simple way to unlock it is

just to pull the stove out and you'll

find the locking mechanism and motor on