Ho-hum performance from this Frigidaire Gallery French door refrigerator

hey guys I'm seeing that's right Chris

here with the Frigidaire Gallery French

door refrigerator model FG HB 2 8 6 6 PS

this is a 27 point 2 cubic foot capacity

model with this nice smudge proof

stainless steel exterior now that

doesn't mean you can't leave

fingerprints on if you try hard you

definitely can just like that but it

does mean that it's pretty easy to clean

just a quick wipe with a paper towel and

it's back to looking like it's fresh

from the factory floor now turning

inside the fridge you see plenty of

options for customizing your shelving as

well you can take this top shelf and

tuck it under for large items you can do

a sort of similar thing with this shelf

and fold it up against the icemaker

the icemaker is located inside the

fridge and not in the door that's sort

of bucking a recent trend of indoor ice

makers and you lose some space because

of that so overall a fairly spacious

interior we're able to squeeze in our

entire load of test groceries inside of


along with a couple of large items that

we test fit to sort of stress it out a

big cake tray a casserole dish extra

large pizza box with a little bit of

reorganization and sort of moving things

around strategically we could get almost

all that inside of the fridge that said

the refrigeration performance was not as

good as we hoped here we test for

72-hour stretches at various temperature

settings so at 37 degrees

we got readings that we didn't like

especially here on the top shelf for the

hot air can sort of rise a little bit

don't want that from the interior of

your fridge maybe the doors might get a

little warmer but the actual body of the

fridge should stay nice and cool

definitely below 40 testing again at 33

degrees everything stayed well below 40

degrees definitely food safe definitely

good to use if I own this fridge I'd

probably keep it down at 33 and I

wouldn't feel comfortable going up much

higher than 35 and that takes away some

of your flexibility to save energy

this Frigidaire Gallery French door unit

sells for $2,600 though you can find it

for a couple hundred less we're finding

it about 2200 at various retail outlets

here at the time of this video but keep

in mind that you can get French door

units for as low as 1500 nowadays and

also once you're spending more than

2,000 you can start to find some pretty

cool features like door and door and

food showcase fridges from Samsung those

are interesting and they merit

consideration there's nothing quite as

exciting or sexy with this fridge that

makes the rush to recommend it thanks

for watching check out the rest of our

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appliances I'm right Chris