How to Fix #Frigidaire #Washer Door Lock Light Flashing | Washer Not Spinning | FFFW5000QW0

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the first thing we need to do is be safe

disconnect the appliance or turn it off

at the breaker to avoid electric shock

today we're going to be working on a

Frigidaire or electro loose model number

it's on the display the problem that we

have with this model is that the door

lock light is flashing all the time and

I put it on low speed the way you see it

is the actual door life that is flashing

and the customer says that it doesn't do

anything else but flashing the light if

they disconnected or turn it off or

cancel it

it will start but when they get to the

spin cycle

it would just quit and it won't do

anything else so they said that they

have to put it in a regular mode and

then put it to spin only and that would

do the job so I try a couple things and

I find out that if you put it on spin

only it will do the spin but if you do

if you put it in any other cycle it will

quit about the time you have to do the


apparently this has to do with something

on the door or the door watch that if

you put it in any other cycle