How to MAXIMIZE YOUR ODDS in Mario Kart Tour! | PIPE GUIDE

what's happening everyone it's Abdallah

here bringing you guys another tips and

tricks tutorial video for Mario Kart

tour on Android and iOS devices this

video is gonna showcase how you guys can

potentially learn more about the in-game

gotcha mechanics so that you guys can

maximize your odds of getting what you

want within firing the pipe welcome to

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you guys can learn in order to be better

at the game alright so let's talk about

this for those of you guys who are

unacquainted Mario Kart Tour is a gotcha

game a gotcha game consists of you

earning some sort of premium currency in

the game semi premium currency in the

game in order to spend on getting more

content and of course with these premium

currencies they can indeed come for a

price anywhere from a dollar ninety-nine

for three rubies or if you want the most

value you can drop seventy dollars in

the game in order to get 135 the average

cost about a Ruby is it's about 60 cents

per ruies approximately so keep that in

mind that these rubies are relatively

rare and hard to come by if you're not

spending real money on the game and of

course if you go through the entire game

you can find out that there is gonna be

plenty of tour gifts available for

free-to-play players ie the first two

items over here are going to be for free

to play and of course if you're free to

play with the gold pass you could

potentially get even more rubies as gold

pass rewards now other than using the

beating the game and playing all the

tours and opening up the tour gifts you

can indeed jump into the challenges in

order to earn even more rubies you guys

can see over here that this is a

standard challenges one with challenges

such as using a point boost ticket or

using an item ticket or raising a carts

points at 300 or more all of these guys

reward you with rubies and then of

course if you do the entire challenge

board you can get ten rubies apiece

that's pretty great I like that ten

rubies for this entire bingo chart

awesome right that's how you get rubies

in the game if you're free to play and

you're not spending any money on it so

they are relatively relatively few and

far between the game is not the most

generous I've played other gotcha games

that are a lot more generous at the

beginning of launch but who knows only

time will tell and the future holds that

information for us but nonetheless when

the first thing that you want to know

when going into a particular pipe

should you pull or should you not pull

on the pipe or the gotcha

like it really makes sense of what you

want right so for example musician Mario

is here so that means that when you

click on this it's saying hey this is

the character that's going to be in the

spotlight along with the blue bad wagon

and the Bullet Bill parachute so that's

pretty great there's a whole bunch of

cool stuff metal musician Mario indeed

has a whole bunch of value to him and

he's got a special skill so when it

comes to jumping into one of these

things I would highly suggest doing your

research on what these carts gliders and

drivers are all about so go into drivers

take a look and do a long press on who

they are now this video is not just for

the New York tour this video can be used

for every tour Hereafter so I want you

to take these tips in order to know

exactly what you're getting into when

you're spending your hard-earned money

and/or hard-earned free to play rubies

so you take a look over here at the

spotlight character you can see how much

value he brings to the table and you can

take a look and see what exactly a skill

is for this example double bombs is a

garbage skill but his value is pretty

decent he's available on four different

tracks as a frenzied character which

will help boost your scores and of

course he's available as a secondary for

four more so keep that in mind and then

also you want to take a look at karts

you can do the exact same thing the blue

bad wagon right over here you can see

exactly what it's all about mini turbo

plus is an amazing skill right over here

it's a veil it's valuable on two

different levels as a you know a three

times or a three arrow up and then right

over here it's available on five so keep

that in mind and of course the other

glider onboard which is going to be the

Bullet Bill glider you click on that

take a look at pull up bill glider over

here it gives you greatly increases your

chance of getting a Bullet Bill it's

okay it's not the best and then of

course it's only top tier in two levels

but of course secondary it's pretty

awesome with a bulky aim so use that

information whenever you're going to

take a look at should you pull on this

banner right a lot of you guys waiting

for Luigi a lot of guys waiting for link

Isabel all the other characters that

made it into the history of Mario Kart

they're going to come on banners

eventually just chill for a little bit

alright so when you've decided hey you

know what this is something I want to

spend my rubies into the question is do

you spend on a five Ruby Pole or do you

save up the 40

five rubies in order to get a better

value because case in point this is ten

fires on the gotcha you're going to

potentially fire ten of them for 45

which is a savings of five rubies if you

did ten one fire is that would equate to

50 rubies so you might as well save one

but here's the thing right

each of these banners are only going to

last a week so if musician Mario is a

character that you want it and you spend

a lot of rubies on it already

and you want to maximize your odds of

getting him then by all means feel free

to go ahead and spend your single polls

on this banner before it runs out to

maximize your chances of getting it now

I'm not going to tell you when you

should pull that's all up to you because

I'm not I'm not gonna quantify how much

you spend on these rubies or if it's

just time or if it's money regardless so

anyway here's the next thing that at

face value all of you guys need to know

because face value for this I honestly

didn't know and I look deeper into it

and I'm actually very surprised that

what the game doesn't tell you at face

value okay watch follow along with me

click right over here for New York pipe

to you guys can see that I pulled a

tenth fire that means that there is 90

things left inside this entire pipe

that's cool right 90 things do that's

like the entire game you get one of each

of everything you get Pauline you get

you get Peach at you can get dry Bowser

you get like all the gliders you get

everything right you think but that's

not the case with 90 things

let's look even further if you click on

details you can see exactly what's going

on over here so what happens in this

game is if you pull a high-end spotlight

item like for example I pulled the blue

bad wagon I was pretty lucky on that

that was like a 1% chance that I pulled

it but if you pull that one thing at the

very beginning you can see over here

blue bad wagon 0% you're not going to be

able to pull another one so you can't

duplicate merge it and what's really

unique is the fact that it takes away

every single other high-end cart in the

game or in this particular Gacha

that's crazy so if I really wanted that

be - sure and I didn't look at these

rates and I was like

all right cool I got another 45 rubies

I'm just gonna drop it in here and hope

to get the bead Asher um there's

absolutely zero chance that you can get

it same thing with the yellow taxi oh

dude I need the yellow taxi for the

multiplier on New York tour or whatever

New York minute it's 0% chance of

getting it so you take that information

and you apply it to the drivers for

example so if you pull musician Mario

for example right over here you are

never going to get a chance to pull

peach at Pauline dry Bowser or metal

Mario in that same gotcha pole or that

entire entire 90 or 100 contents within

there but there's a way around that by

clicking on the reset button so if you

click on the reset button this will

reset the contents of the pipe returning

it to full so you would click on reset

and then essentially you would go back

to 100 now why would you want to reset

your odds well there's a couple

different reasons why you want to do

that for one you'd want to reset it if

for example like you got so lucky and

you pull a musician mario blue bad wagon

and some really really cool stuff at the

very first 10 pull of yours and you say

to yourself oh dude I really want merge

skills on musician Mario or the bad

wagon or these other things then you

would essentially reset your poll in

order to get your 1% odds of getting

those items again back to back it's

absolutely possible but it is very rare

and situational that you would do that

if me for example I would love another

blue bad wagon because I would want

merges on it in order to get more bonus

points and combos with that because you

look at it and if you guys didn't know

if you get multiples of one cart you can

indeed get a lot more a lot more value

to them so for example I've pulled two

of the ultra rare bad wagons I've pulled

two of them a big whopping two so that

made it to level 2 over here and that

gives a 15 percent boost to all points

earned and 1 times points both both

points boost bonus but then I had an

ultra rare ticket and I used my ultra

rare ticket to get this guy up to level

3 so now he gets twice as many points

which is super

cool so that's what I did with that and

that's really what the value is so the

more of these you get the more valuable

they will be and they'll give you even

more points so you want to keep that in

mind when you're pulling in the Gacha so

another reason why you wouldn't want to

reset the odds is because like you

didn't get what you wanted why would you

reset the pipe if you didn't if you

threw all these different things into

here and you didn't get what you wanted

yet you really wouldn't reset the pipe

and start over from scratch because the

more that you put in here the more

chances of you getting things out of it

so that's kind of how the odds work in

the game you can see over here that like

dude point two seven seven eight four

dry Bowser peach at metal Mario that's

awesome if you're free to play by the

way and you got these on your first

couple reroll pulls then keep them

that's awesome or if you want to re-roll

your account you can feel free to do so

simply we got by going to settings and

clicking on start fresh right over here

so that's one of the things too it's

like it's the gotcha mechanics you can

indeed click on start fresh erase

everything that you've done and you'll

get free pulls within a good 15 minutes

of playing the game you get so many free

pulls and you could use those free pulls

to potentially reroll the game and get

the super point three percent chance

character is like Pauline dry Bowser

peach at all those characters so that's

really up to you guys

so I gave you guys a whole bunch of tips

and tricks on how to maximize your odds

of getting the best things out of the

Gotcha there's no guarantee and the only

guarantee that you're going to get is

that you're gonna be guaranteed that

you're going to get something out of

here if you spend a hundred rubies in

one so it's up to you guys I want to see

a whole bunch of you guys in the

comments let me know that you guys get

any good pulls and how many rubies did

it take for you did you spend a lot of

money and you still didn't get anything

I want to hear about it let me know in

the comments what you think about these

gotcha rates I I really wish that they

were a little bit more generous maybe

take out a whole bunch of the normal

stuff like you don't need 32 normals

clogging up that thing like no don't do

it it's not even worth it you don't need

that many normals in there take those

normals out and you're gonna raise us up

to at least 3% I want to see high end

spotlights to be 3%

pop which would be so much more generous

and a lot more people would get it but

anyway the games got to make money right

and if the game doesn't make money then

all the free-to-play players will be

stuck with a game that's dead that will

not get any more support and it will

shut down like we've seen in other

gotcha games that's it thanks so much

for watching can't wait to hear what you

guys pulled in the comment section below

pics or it didn't happen am i right now

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