How To Enable Friendmojis in iMessage

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do you want to use bit logee's like this

turn on friend mo jeez I can show you


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earlier today I received this comment

the user wants to know how to turn on

friend mogees in iMessages

if you don't see the blue faces next to

the bitmoji search bar you'll need to

reinstall the bitmoji app before you can

use friend mo G's you need to be logged

into the bitmoji app through snapchat in

order to use friend mo G's once you've

installed the bitmoji app open it and

select login with snapchat

tap login the app will reopen turn on

bit low G updates and allow bitmoji to

send you notifications next you'll need

to turn on the bitmoji keyboard close

the bitmoji app and go to your settings

go into general and tap on keyboards

then tap on keyboards again and tap on

bitmoji keyboard flip this toggle to on

and allow full access now you can use

the bitmoji keyboard within I messages