Friedrich Kuhl (KCQ08A10A) Review

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hello I am Wanderer001 and this is my review of the Friedrich

probably saying that wrong cool K u HL q kc 8 0 8 a 1 0 a and I do understand

that that is a bit of a mouthful so what I will say is this is a Friedrich air

conditioning unit that is labeled as being either a in wall as I have here or

window unit now I picked this particular unit because well one moved new house

had Friedrich air conditioning units and I wanted something that fit in the

cutout I didn't want to have to make the cutout any bigger so I went to the store

found out well they air conditioner people because I don't want to keep

saying that name wrong have not really changed the size of their air

conditioning units since inception so this unit would fit in here now I was

given two options there was this unit and another unit which is billed as

cheaper not made in America this is made in America and the cheaper unit was same

company but built elsewhere however the reason I went with this particular model

instead of that model is the other model in question the vent was over here on

the side and could oscillate like this but because these are in wall under

window and the one in my master bedroom because I have to I have this one in a

secondary bedroom and the master I needed it to be able to get up and over

my bed so I needed the vents up here not on the side sadly that also costs $300

more this unit cost $300 more than that cheaper unit so if you were going out

hunting and you can live with that side vent and not made America save $300 if

not and you're in the same boat that I am where you want the vents up here and

you need something that fits then we're going to talk about this model because

while it was more expensive it has more goodies in my opinion and is a good air

conditioner now this is the 115 volt model this particular model can come in

either eight thousand BTUs 12,000 BTUs and up to I believe 24 thousand BTUs for

this I ended up going with the 8,000 BTU models because again the air conditioner

that was referencing before was a earlier model like 20 plus years older

than this model and it was only a 5000 BTU unit and it was not cutting it

I mean it was it was bad my it was just it was bad

so the first actually the first thing that we did when we moved here was get