✅ How To Use Friedrich Kuhl 8000 BTU Wall Unit Air Conditioner Review

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hey guys what's going on I wanted to

tell you a little bit about my air

conditioner today I have in the house

just so quick back story on this we

moved into my house in 2016 like two

years ago in April and then at the end

of the summer last year it died so we

got like two summers out of it when it

died we had a hard time finding we were

looking online like okay we just gotta

like find the model and or an air

conditioners not even the model but just

an air conditioner that's gonna fit in

this in this full unit that we have I'm

not exactly 100 percent sure on the

measurements but it was really difficult

to find so we went to a couple stores we

looked online couldn't find anything

online usually you could find whatever

you need online finally we went to a

couple stores my husband went to a store

and we were talking to the guy and he's

like yeah like he's like this is the

same model of the air conditioner you've

had which was in 1998 so it was old I

mean it worked so fine it was alright

it's the same model we have in our

bedroom but with the measurements it's

really hard to find something that would