open locked door without key - replace euro cylinder lock

what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's hell - today I'm going

to show you guys how to remove a euro

cylinder lock from your door when it's

in the closed position we don't have the

keys it's also locked we've got a viewer

out there who's a little bit stuck

he's got a similar problem no keys doors

in the lock position so by having it in

the locked in closed position that means

we don't have access to the locking

screw at the back of the Euro cylinder

previously I've shown you guys how to do

this when it's in the open position but

a very good question a very common

problem to have misplaced your keys when

the door is actually in the lock

position I've come across so many times

people try and put screwdrivers down the

back in between the door here and also

try and pry it out with the crowbar they

do a lot of damage and majority of the

time they don't even open up the door so

today I'm going to show you guys just

how easy it is to do we're going to

remove this one here open up the door

and then replace it with the new Euro

cylinder lock let's do this

so first thing we need to do is remove

the cover plates okay so we've got one

screw down the bottom here on the inside

and one on the outside sometimes you

might find both screws on the inside

this one here is one on the inside one

on the outside so we remove that screw

I'll go to the back of the door and also

remove the one on the back here same

thing from the outside the rid of the

cover plate and then we'll come back

inside and remove the cover plate off

this side also so if we have a look now

we've got full access to the Euro

cylinder it's still fixed we've got the

locking screw holding this into place

from the back we've also got the wing on

the side here which is a locking cam

that's also holding it in place so it's

nice and solid

not going anywhere so what we're going

to use is a pair of multi grips if you

haven't got some multi grips you can use

also an adjustable wrench you just want

to lock this up over onto the top of the

cam and make sure that's nice and tight

so in this case we're going to be using

some multi grips or you want to do bite

onto the side here get a nice good grip

and then we're just going to bend it

back towards the back of the door so

we'll just hold onto that bend it back

and you can see there that's now cracked

so if we have a look quickly at the Euro

cylinder we've now snapped the backside

here off we have a look from the outside

same thing you can say to a bent on the

back there what we're gonna do now is

we're going to focus on this side here

once again multi grips on and we're

gonna go in the opposite direction this

time so once again a little bit of

pressure in the opposite direction and

that's now come off you can see there

we've got a clean cut right down the

middle the only thing left inside now is

their cam and also the locking screw so

a bit of a close-up for you guys you can

see the screw up here

that's our locking screw and then we've

got our cam down the bottom so what

we're gonna do now once again feed that

cam out push it up the other side and so

wants to turn around that's now pushed

out the other side and that's all please

now we take a flathead screwdriver

and usually you can unlock it from the

locking mechanism here however because

we lock this one here with the key prior

to removing this gyro cylinder we need

to mimic the movements of the cam so if

we have a look down the bottom here

there's a little black pin if this will

focus for you guys you can set our black

section at the back silver pin down the

bottom we're going to push that black

section in and then just simply push

down on the silver bit you can hear that

little click and now we've opened up the

locking mechanism here so we take our

screwdriver up onto the top nail this is

usually where our lever would be turn

that over and the doors going to open up

we can now remove our locking screw and

we're ready for the new cam to go in so

now we take our new cam slot that one in

place turn the key over so that now it's

holding in place we'll take our locking

screw whine that one out thread it on by

hand at first then we use a drill that's

how nice and tight we'll take our cover


and the outside screws go back on

so inside screw here first and then the

outside and once I stand the only thing

left to do is to test out the door

everything is in working order so there

you have the guys that's how to replace

your euro cylinder lock if your door is

stuck in the locked position

hopefully you guys have enjoyed this

video and I've helped most of you out

there out I'm including Pablos so as

always guys like comment and subscribe

until next time I'm bill

thanks for watching Bills out to