LEGO Marvel Avengers How To Unlock Free Roam To Explore The City Unlocking Manhattan

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hello so today we are playing Lego

Marvel Avengers and I did a video

yesterday explaining to you guys how to

unlock free roam and obviously when you

get the game you when you first start it

you stuck having to do the missions you

can't do anything else and if you only

got the game because you want to explore

and just mess about or if you've got

kids that just want to mess about with

the characters in the game can be a

little bit of a pain figuring out how to

do it now yesterday I sort of explained

it a little bit but I could have done it

a little bit better so I thought I'd

redo the video now basically to get the

the full open-world part where you can

mess about and you can do absolutely

everything at any time you need to

complete the first film mission which is

Avengers Assemble once you've done that

that's when you can travel to space and

from there you can fast travel to

Manhattan and just explore now you can

do it a little bit earlier though after

you've done the third mission rail Hydra

and as soon as you've done there you do

get a chance to explore the city but you

don't get it as open as much and it is a

bit of a pain and but as soon as you've