ZERO TIME DILEMMA Gameplay Walkthrough Part 22 · Fragment: Triangle (Study) (PC, PS Vita)

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I'll go check out the other rooms have

fun hmm 18:10 not Eric why is he even

bothering to look in the other rooms we

already searched through each one when

we first woke up nothing

I don't think we've seen all of them

there was that one room we couldn't

figure out how to get into oh that's


let's go

Wow how crazy is this I was tapping

spots on the wall in the hallway when

you opened some kind of secret door

you did good I'm impressed oh wow this

room has a whole lot of books do you

like to read do you like to read I don't

know come on you're talking about

yourself here I don't know that's do I

like Tareen

so what is this room anyway it's

practically an entire library seems like

someone was just here who the only one

who can on earth really would be it's

got to be zero so that means is then

there's got to be some sort of clue

something about who zero is or how to

get out of this crazy place if anything

was hidden in here those safes would be

the best bet

well let's start looking