TUTORIAL - Reset The PIN on Your TV

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you forgot your PIN or maybe just don't

let your parents gone getting into your

TV and changing the input settings this

tutorial will show you how to reset the

pin you have placed and possibly

forgotten on your TV offer the purposes

tutorial I'm using and achieve a 48 inch

1080p TV so what you want to do make

sure what make sure it's on so you can

see the input lock is on on TV so what

you want to do is hit the menu button it

takes you to settings on the TV and what

you want to do is on your remote which

is right here for me hit down

you forgot the code right hit the recall

button right above the mute button four

times and on your screen it will now say

enter a four-digit pin code cool you

just reset the pin so now what we do is

we put in a new code that we will

remember and then if I want to change

the input block off you put in your code

and you go at that wall up and now all

your inputs are unlocked so that's about

it for this tutorial guys if you want

more stuff like this make sure to

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it so thank you for watching