Why These Streaming Apps Are Missing From Your Samsung TV

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hey it's michael welcome to my channel  and let me know if you can relate to this  

when you went to buy a smart tv you decided to go  with a big brand name like samsung for all of your  

streaming needs but when you searched your smart  tvs app store a problem you see netflix prime  

video and hulu but at least one of your favorite  apps not available to be downloaded and installed  

so if that sounds familiar today's video is for  you i'm going to explain why some apps may not  

show up on your samsung tv and what you can do  about it let's get started i'll get straight to  

the point the best way that i can say this is that  when it comes to streaming apps not all smart tvs  

are created equal i did some research and found  samsung on the list of supported devices for a lot  

of streaming services including youtube tv peacock  and discovery plus but almost every day people  

who use those services contact me and they all  have the same problem they say that they cannot  

find those three apps and others too through  samsung's smart tv app store and here's why  

in the fine print on the websites of those  streaming services you see that they support  

only newer samsung tv sets for youtube tv it's  2016 and later models only and for peacock  

and discovery plus the app is compatible with  samsung's interface on only 2017 and later models  

so i know it's frustrating a tv set only four  years old is not new enough come on i asked  

samsung's chat support for an explanation they  told me what i thought they'd say and it's this  

sorry this is a compatibility issue or the apps  do not work with the internal operating system  

of the tv set but don't be so quick to place blame  here especially on the streaming services because  

if i were to ask them i'm sure they would all say  they want to be on as many platforms as possible  

the problem there are expenses associated  with adding their app to each and every  

one of those platforms and that's why some  apps aren't on samsung's smart tv platform