How To Get All The Free To Air Channels On The Foxtel Now Box

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hey guys sorry about the camera quality

my capture card actually won't work with

the Fox toenail box it actually won't

let me record on the computer so sadly I

have to use my camera for this video so

what we're going to show you is how to

get the max amount of free-to-air

channels on your Fox telling the air box

now there's a few different things we're

going to quickly talk about and we're

gonna take the way you're going to get

all your freedom or channels now as you

know what Fox to tell you can't get

seven food or seven food network now the

only way you can get the seven food

network is if you download this app down

here now so the TV one okay so it's not

that one just the one a bit more down

here and it's called a live channels so

from there you can actually tuning just

based on the area plugged into the

faucet on the box

your reaction all your free-to-air

channels now the problem with Foxtel now

when you go over there in skin so we'll

just quickly go over there and manage

the fridge where so when you go over

here you can scan channels there's one

little problem with this feature now

this is the same on Foxtel satellite as