Forza Horizon 4 : ALL BARN FINDS + LOCATIONS!!

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welcome back to forts of horizon for

guys in today's video we're gonna be

doing something a little bit different

than normal we're gonna be going in and

showcasing all of the barn-find

locations for forts of horizon 4 before

we get too far into the snow I want to

give a massive shout out to Jack he's

actually the one who went and recorded

all of this gameplay so I'll link his

twitter down below and you guys can go

and thank him yourself we also must give

a huge shout out to mr. DJ customs for

actually being the person to find all of

these barn finds he wouldn't have found

a lot of the locations so his link will

be down below as well so the barn finds

in Forza horizon 4 actually work a

little bit differently than they have in

previous games so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna start off by showcasing the

first 10 barn finds that you'll find as

you're just playing the game normally

these will just pop up on your map as

you're going through the campaign and

doing your races and stuff like that

just be aware though they will probably

be in a different order than we're gonna

show here so if we show the Lotus barn

flying at number 3 you might get it as