How To Unlock Online In Forza Horizon 4! How To Play With Friends Online!

most of guys arise again me and welcome

back to another Forza horizon for video

so in today's video I want to answer a

question that has been frequently asked

and not many people actually know that

you have to do this so when you plane

Falls rather than fall it's not like

playing father rather than freeway you

unlock on line pretty much straight away

and it tells you that you've unlocked it

and you you know definitely that you've

unlocked it however 4004 is a little bit


the on line isn't called like online

what it used to be on four thousand

trees it's not as easy to know that

you've unlocked it it's called horizon

life so what you have to do to unlock

arrives in life which is online where

you can join all your friends in their

lobbies is you have to play through at

least 6 hours of the campaign you have

to keep playing and playing and playing

or you have to be at least above level

20 and you don't lock this thing at the

festival what you do is you drive there

and it takes you through a cutscene and

then you're allowed to go online now you

are actually online to start off with is

like an online server where you do

actually see online players but this is

an online where you get to join your

friends people get to join you and you

have to be the leader but they don't get

to lie you don't get to join them if you

get what I mean

so it's a bit awkward I don't know why

I've done it this way I suppose it gets

you to play more of the campaign because

people never really used to play the

campaign however yeah that's how you do

it you're gonna be level 28 plus and

you've got through at least plus six

hours of the campaign's you're gonna

grind it and get through most of the

campaign to unlock it anyway I hope this

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