FH4 Fortune Island -How To Unlock Treasure Chest Location #2 + Reward Car !! | (Fanatec Wheel)

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not bad this 30 years is money bro from

wherever you are he's ripped out third

year Oh

what is going on buddy welcome back

today guys to the channel Forza horizon

for back here at fortune Island we have

our treasure hunt we have yet to start

this up and the first one the massive

truck stomp surrounding a t-rex roars

through the speed zone at festivals apex

so I do believe this will give us a

million dollars we'll open up two three

four five six how many are there

actually 10 treasure hunts available I

don't know what's gonna be in the rest

of them here maybe some clothes maybe

some cars we'll have to wait and see we

do have the crew back here we have all

diligence and about 30 llamas in the

party for today's we're gonna go home

for some treasure see how it goes down

let me know how you're enjoying fortune

Island and don't forget to slap that

like button what are we driving for

these truck oh you know we have to grab

the Ford truck that just came in well

does that new for that just came all the

Dodge Ram Dodge Oh

can't be can't be Dodge hold on it's