FATE & FORTUNE CARDS EXPLAINED How To Get "Gobble Gum 2.0" in Infinite Warfare Zombies (IW Gameplay)

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ladies and gentlemen what the heck is

going on my name is usman and today

bring as a full full guide explaining

everything you need to know about fate

and fortune cards in infinite warfare

zombies it is a little different but it

is still quite similar to the gobblegum

system from black ops 3 zombies I would

say this is a god like a 2.0 system TBH

you know I'm saying but anyways guys

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without any further to do let's get

right into it now when you add the main

menu of zombies you want to go to load

up selection and you'll have weapon kits

and fate and fortune cards now the best

way for me to explain this year would be

that fate is the classic gumball and

fortune card is the mega gumball from

black ops 3 zombie it is the same and

here you got like five cards like you

would have like $5 comes in black ops 3

you know I'm saying you can simply hover

over any one of them and select a new

one and replace it with a fate or a

fortune card and the Fate card and locks

by you ranking up like you would unlock