Fortnite: How to get Free Skins - (Fortnite Free Outfits)

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what's going on guys assistant here

welcome to fortnite today i will show

you how to get free outfits in this game

so let's get started so yeah just in

case you are a free gamer that could not

get a single outfit since the beginning

of this game

because you did not pay for it at all

and you can't get v box and anything

so today i will show you how to actually

get actors for free this is your lucky

day actually because

you will know you can't do that often so

yeah getting answers for free is really

cool and amazing not only these outfits

are going to be free but also they're

going to be high classes like for

example high colors you know the

legendary color

and the epic color and stuff yeah the

outfits are also

you know measured by these colors and

trust me these three outfits that you're

going to get

are going to be of high colors like

legendary golden and stuff so yeah

without further ado let's get right into

showing you how to get free outfits or

free skins in this game whatever you

want to call it so