How to Redeem the Fortnite Galaxy GLOW Skin

in this video I'm gonna show you how to

redeem the fortnight galaxy glow outfit

and levitate emote let's get started

everybody welcome to tech with Brett

where I help tech work for you so before

we get in exactly how to unlock this new

skin you need to make sure that you have

purchased a qualifying device so what

devices do qualify for this well that

would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

10 + VG the galaxy s 10 e s 10 s 10 + S

10 5 G or the note 9 s 9 s9 + the note 8

or the galaxy s 8 si + s 8 active Galaxy

s7 s7 edge s7 active or the tab s6 s4 s3

or the tab s 3 Wi-Fi or the galaxy a 9 a

78 80 or a 90 are qualifying devices now

what exactly does this mean well if you

have purchased one of these devices

recently you will qualify for the Glo

outfit so I have a Galaxy Note 10

I also have a Galaxy S 10 II here which

qualifies and then here I do have a tab

s3 Wi-Fi which is a older device so you

will need to have one of those phones

that you purchase recently to be able to

qualify it for this promotion now the

next thing you need to check is to make

sure that your phone is on the latest

software updates so if you just go into

the settings of the phone go down here

to software update and then go to

download and install and see if there

are any updates available for your phone

I did recently have an update so I am on

the latest version now the next step is

going to be downloading the Fortnight

installer so you're gonna head to the

Galaxy store and you're going to go in

here and search for fortnight and you

are going to download the installer once

you download the installer you're gonna

open that up and then install the full

fortnight game once that is done just

select launch to open fortnight now if

you have never used fortnight before you

will need to sign up for an epic games

account and you can also just create one

right here but I already do have one you

could also sign up with a different

account that you already have but I

recommend signing up with an epic games

account and then you can link your other

accounts later now we just need to

select play and wait a few minutes for

four-night to load

once the game has loaded you're just

going to head into the store and that is

the V icon right here

and right here you will see this

limited-time offers you can see there's

things that you can purchase but right

over here we have the Glo outfit for

zero dollars now if you do not see the

glow outfit right there there are a few

reasons in which you would not see that

so the first reason is maybe you are in

the wrong store so is what I mean is if

you go into the menu here and you go

into these settings of your device and

go to the last tab which is the account

tab right here and we scroll down here

you can see that my android store

selection is set to Samsung but let's

say that was set to epic going to apply

that and close it you will see that that

Glo outfit is no longer available so

again make sure you go into the menu

settings and then account and then

scroll down here and choose the Samsung

tab now some phones or accounts may not

have an option to do that and most

likely is already set to the Samsung


so once you select Samsung make sure you

select apply and then close out now if

you do that and the glove skin is not

showing up again most likely it is

because your device is not qualified so

I'm definitely ready to redeem the Glo

outfit to my Galaxy Note 10.1 purchase

it which does cost zero dollars so

there's going to be no charge to your

credit card we'll get to that in a


or you could gift it to somebody so if I

did want to gift it I would need to

enable two-factor authentication so what

that means is it's just going to give

you a code in your email every time you

want to log into for a night just to

kind of secure your account a little bit

more so we're going to select remind me

later and I'm going to select purchase

so the next thing that's going to do is

authenticate my device so if you have

never signed into a Samsung Account you

may need to do that you might also need

to add a credit or a debit card and the

reason for that is just to verify that

that card and this phone did go through

the process of redeeming a skin it will

not charge your card at all now I will

show you how to remove that credit card

on your account if you did need to add

it to redeem that skin so now that that

skin is gone we're going to head in

to our locker right here and now you can

see that I do have the aura glow outfit

which looks pretty awesome so it looks

like for whatever reason the levitate

emo is not currently available so it's

not showing up the glow scan showed up

just fine so if you do add two-factor

authentication you will get a boogie

down emote which I currently don't have

on this account so I'm gonna go ahead

and add that right now now to add the

two-factor authentication I'm just going

to head over here to the battle pass and

I'm actually going to select gift battle

pass and then here it gives me the

option to enable 2fa so I'm going to

select enable now and then down here you

can use the Authenticator app or you can

just enable email authentication and

then here it's going to email you a

security code and you type it in right

there once I have put in that code I'm

just gonna head back to fortnight and

then I'm going to select claim and then

it now gave me the boogie-down

emote so I'm going to click collect and

close so then I'm gonna head back here

to my locker

click add new emote there we go

save and exit and now I have added that

to my account now if you would like to

use this skin on your other gaming

consoles you will need to make sure that

you have a link to your account to your

Epic Games account we're gonna do that

by going into the menu here and going

into settings and then under the

accounts tab we have account linking so

here you could click on that it will

take you to the epic games.com website

and then over here on the left side we

have the option for connected accounts

and then we can select any account that

we would like to connect to our epic

games account and then here you can see

that my Nintendo switch account is

already connected so let's check out how

this looks over there now that I have

Fortnight loaded up on my Nintendo

switch you can see that I have the glow

outfit right here I can go over to my

locker as well and see that the glow

outfits there and we can browse through

and change anything else and we also

have the other emotes that I have

already collected right here so here you

can see the boogie-down

emote transferred over as well now

lastly I'm going to show you how to

remove your credit card from your

Samsung Account if you needed to add it

to redeem this skin so what we're gonna

do is head back into the galaxy store

and then went in here

we're just going to go to the menu in

the top right and then I'm going to go

to my page and here this is all the

different account information that is

stored and I'm going to select credit

card and then right here you'll see all

the different payment method you have

here I have PayPal that I've added but

you will also see your credit card right


so you would just need to select the -

and then it would remove your credit

card from your samsung account and you

wouldn't be able to purchase anything

through that card anymore once it has

been removed so there you go that is how

you redeem the samsung galaxy glow

outfit for many different devices and so

if you do purchase a qualifying device

make sure you deem the galaxy glow

outfit by December 31st 2019 as after

that the promotion will go away if you

guys have any further questions about

how to redeem this outfit please let me

know in the comments below

and if you want to see how I created

this awesome little Android guy all for

my Galaxy Note 10.1 for watching we'll

see you on the next one