How To Get The Galaxy Skin In FORTNITE

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hello everybody Jimmy is problem here

back you have another awesome video and

in today's video we will be talking

about how you're able to unlock the

galaxy skin on fortnight from your

Samsung Galaxy devices now as of right

now you are able to unlock the galaxy

skin on two different devices which is

the tab s4 as well as the galaxy note 9

but I have a feeling that Samsung will

probably expand that list buy a few more

phones in the coming weeks easily such

as the galaxy s 9s 9 plus and hopefully

the Galaxy Note 8 now if you did

pre-order the galaxy note 9 and you're

curious on redeeming your VBox I will

have a link below the video inside the

description that is linking you over to

CNET because they did a fantastic job of

there step by step of the process so now

unlocking the galaxy skin is actually

super easy to do on your Samsung Galaxy

devices now first off what I will show

you is that you want to head over and

you download the game correctly which is

inside of the game launcher now if you

don't have the game launcher where

you're able to see the icon of Fortnight

you want to pull down the notifications

panel this is where you're gonna click