Destiny 2: How to Get the New Forsaken Supers!

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what is up guys Rick cactus here and

today we have a really quick guide for

how to get the new supers arriving to

destiny to with the first sake and

expansion and so let's get started now

if you're doing other stuff leveling

perhaps doing the EDC flashpoint you're

not actually gonna be able to progress

your character towards getting a new

super you will have to do the very first

campaign mission of forsaken now once

you've completed that campaign mission

you're going to be sent back to the

tower you're going to have to talk to

Zavala and then you're going to have to

go and talk to Ike aura once you talk to

Ike aura she will give you a bunch of

new milestones and one of those new

milestones as you can see is visions of

the light you have to collect these

visions of the light by most commonly is

just killing yellow health enemies but

doing other objectives and so on and

then once this gets to 100% this quest

to get your new subclass progresses so

you can progress this pretty much

anywhere but I would recommend that you

head to the tangled Shore the brand new

area and you're gonna do a little kind

of beginning mission just to unlock the