Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access! - XS/XR/X/8/7/6...

how's it going everybody I'm Daniel

you're watching that about back and

let's say you forgot your passcode and

your iPhone is locked just like mine

because I put to demonstrate of course

and I don't know how to do it you don't

know how to access your phone you need

your information and you just can't

access it so how can you solve this

situation I've been filming these videos

for quite a lot of time how to remove a

forgotten passcode of your iPhone or

iPad this is the fourth year I do this

and these videos are great so let's just

go ahead and continue with the good work

and keep in mind that I'm gonna show you

this video how to do it from like any

device you have okay so if you have an

iPhone 4 - doesn't matter the first

iPhone until the iPhone 10 which is this

one the method changes a little bit

depending on your device but I'm gonna

show you everything so don't worry about


ok so all you're gonna need is your

iPhone of course or an iPad you're gonna

need a computer ok it doesn't need to be

a Mac can be a Windows PC can be a Linux

machine any needed lightning cable ok

the cable you get the cable used to

charge your phone that's it ok so let's

go ahead and get started ok so as you

guys can see here I've got my computer

ok it doesn't need to be a Mac as I said

can be a Windows or Camille Linux and

the only software you're gonna need is

iTunes ok

so don't worry I do this free and if you

have an iPhone you probably already have

iTunes anyway so you just need I Tunes

for the process of removing the passcode


one little disclaimer before we begin

you will lose all your information okay

there is no way to do that without

restoring or erasing your iPhone ok

there's no way we can remove the

passcode bypass the passcode without

removing your information this is a

safety feature ok that Apple gives you

so if a thief or somebody gets your


they don't actually bypass and get your

information they'll they'll have your

phone ok they can resell it or whatever

but at least your information is safe

and continue with the disclaimer if

you're using this because you're a thief

or if you find a phone in the street

shame on you ok this is not for you this

is for educational purposes and for

people who are actually doing that on

their own devices ok so let's get

started right here I have a knife

and it is disabled for 12 minutes okay

but I'm gonna teach you now how you can

do this for older devices first and then

I'm gonna climb all the way up to newer

devices like this one okay so if you

have an iPhone 6s or older it means to

have a physical home button right there

which means that it actually presses

like a proper button it travels down

even if the phone is off okay so that

means you have an older phone with

another from the process is quite simple

all you have to do is plug your phone

here okay blow your device and then plug

it your Mac I'm not gonna plug it right

now cuz then it's gonna mess up with the

process this is different with the

iPhone 10 okay so then you plug your

computer and as soon as everything is

plugged up all you have to do is hold

the power button and hold the home

button okay hold both these buttons

together and keep holding keep holding

keep holding until it restarts and you

see the Apple logo and then you're gonna

see the recovery mode right here window

iTunes will pop up a window showing you

it recognized your phone in recovery

mode okay so plug power button home


keep holding keep holding keep holding

until you get the pop-up okay this is

the process for iPhone 6s or older if

you have an iPhone 7 the process is

similar so plug your plug your cable to

your phone and plug your cable to your

computer okay plug it right here to the

computer and then all you have to do is

hold the power button and hold the

volume down button okay so hold both

these buttons while plugged up keep

holding keep holding keep holding the

same thing and after about a minute or

equalising that really get the I juice

pop-up screen to it saying that your

iPhone was recognized in recovery mode

okay so then we recovered every iPhone

until the iPhone 7 and of course this

includes the pluses okay so 6 plus X 6 X

6s plus and 7 plus if you have an iPhone

8 or an iPhone 10 I'm gonna show you

right now so for the iPhone 8 and the I

ten you candy French you can

differentiate the iPhone eight and the

iPhones to the iPhone 7 pretty simply

the front is exactly the same the eight

and seven you have this not physical but

in this virtual button that it doesn't

press if your phone is turned off but

the back is made out of glass okay so if

the back is made of aluminium then you

got an iPhone 7 if the glass is made the

back is made of a glass then you have a

knife either an iPhone 10 or an ad from

eight and it doesn't really matter okay

the process is the same for the iPhone 8

8 + or 10 okay so let's get let's cover

the last iPhones so plug your iPhone ok

to the cable and then plug it your Mac

now I'm actually gonna do this right so

I'm plugging it right here it's blood

charging iTunes has opened automatically

don't worry okay and then the same

welcomes your new iPhone

don't worry about that you're gonna need

to work here so the process for the 8 in

8 + + 10 is volume up volume down side

button or power button ok so I'm gonna

do it with you so volume up volume down

hold side button and I'm gonna keep

holding it I'm gonna keep holding it

until it turns off it has turned off

right now and I'm still turning it as

you guys can see I'm not touching the

volume buttons I'm just holding the

power button so keep holding that

to the Apple logo right there and then

you can release because we've got the

famous screen I'm just zooming a little

bit we've got the famous there is a

problem with iPhone iPhone that requires

it to be updated or restored okay if you

need to remove your passcode you're

gonna need to restore it and again

you're gonna lose all your information

but don't worry you get you're gonna get

your iPhone brand-new okay you're gonna

get it brand new

without a problem now you can set a new

passcode you can put your app OID it

doesn't matter if you forgot it you can

create a new Apple ID so you are

formatting your phone getting it bring

you out of the box okay

so all you're gonna need to do is hit

restore and then of course we're gonna

need to restore an update because this

is an automatic process so then it's

saying because now I'm downloading iOS

eleven point two point five doesn't

matter iTunes will automatically get the

latest version for you so all I need to

do is hit next you don't need to select

anything hit agree and then as you guys

can see iPhone is currently in recovery

mode okay and it is downloading the

iPhone software update it's gonna take

fifteen minutes

it's probably gonna take a little bit

less than that but of course I'm not

gonna have you waiting all of that so

I'm gonna cut until when that's finished

okay guys one thing that is very

important if it takes longer for the

download to finish then the time your

phone was originally locked for example

if it was 15 minutes locked but it takes

20 minutes to download for example your

iPhone after being after that time okay

after the 15 minute lock it will

automatically turn on again okay but it

will turn on automatically with the same

15 minute warning so all you have to do

is go through the process again I just

did that okay so you have to go to the

process of putting it to restore mode

like volume up volume down turn it off

go to through the process again while

the thing is being downloaded right here

so I just put my iPhone

for mode the second time no problem and

then now I have three minutes left

okay three minutes on the original

download so then I'm just waiting for

the original download time with my

iPhone in the screen okay needs to be in

this screen so if it boots up put it

right back into restore mode again okay

okay now we are ten seconds to go just

keep in mind that put again in your

store mode in restore mode the same way

you did it for the first time okay just

to be clear I said volume up volume down

because this is the situation for the

iPhone 10 but if having no other device

just put it again your store mode the

same way you did it the first time okay

so now it is processing file it says

done okay so now all we have to do is go

ahead and click restore iphone so

restore an update and right here is

saying extracting software okay keep in

mind that for this whole process your

phone is to be plugged to your computer

so plug here and plug to the Mac or the

windows or whatever okay and you don't

need to do anything with the phone

really don't need to press any buttons

or anything just wait while iTunes does

its thing so preparing iPhone for

restore waiting prepare again and then

here as you guys can see Apple logo has

just appeared so it is not the iTunes

logo with the cable point in it is

already being restored okay very fine

iPhone or start with Apple

so as I said is a pretty straightforward

process the only thing you need to do

really is put it in restore mode as I

mentioned very carefully download the

software if the thing if the phone boots

have automatically put it in your store

mode again respecting the the restore

process of your device and then finally

hit restore and when the download is

done and wait for iTunes to do its thing

it's not gonna take much longer now the

same restoring iPhone software finally

and as you guys can see we've got the

Apple logo with the loading bar at the

bottom this process takes about maybe

five to ten minutes because it feels

this bar twice okay so as soon as this

processing here is done

I'll be back so now we are prompted with

the message your iPhone has a restore to

factory settings and is restarting and

then like if you just press ok it

restarts automatic ok automatically so

as I said it is automatically restarting

now then it is doing this second

progress bar ok

now the rest of the process will be done

with your iPhone so you can already

close your computer you don't need it

anymore and then it can slide up or

slide to the side or whatever depending

on your device and then start setting up

your phone ok as if it was brand-new ok

so put your country and everything else

pretend it is coming brand new out of

the box ok so then you can set it up

manually and then choose a Wi-Fi network

or use or you settlor connection of

course so it may take a few minutes to

activate your phone and after a couple

of minutes setting up my phone I've got

access back to it

factory new ok so no no software no

anything so that's pretty much it now

you can go ahead and put a new passcode

that you will remember and everything

like that ok so that's pretty much it if

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