Iphone 4 passcode / password bypass New & WORKS !

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okay hi youtube I discovered a new hack

to bypass the passcode on any iPhone

version 4.2 up 4.1 up the old version

get past the passcode was you slide to

unlock you go press the emergency call

pound pound pound pound then you call

and press this at the same time that is

no longer working if you notice it only

allows emergency calls it won't allow

you to actually get through and try that

trick again so basically my friend he

got a little drunk last night and

apparently he put a passcode on his

phone and he doesn't remember it so he

told me to get past it so there's a new

way to get past it

first you want to hold the power button

down until it says to turn it off so

let's do that holding it down now don't

slide to power off press cancel and

don't let go of the power button now you