(2020) Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!

how's it going everybody you're watching

than a ball attack and today I'm gonna

teach you how to remove a forgotten pass

code of any iPad this is the new 2020

updated process and again it works for

every single iPad model you may have

this is truly amazing if you're looking

for an iPhone process to remove a

forgotten passcode of your iPhone isn't

different video is a separate video I'm

gonna have a card right here so just

click on that card and you're gonna go

straight to the iPhone process again

this is iPad only just to be clear I'm

talking about the lock screen passcode

this one right here that you put you

wanna log here defines so your iPad may

be in this state right here so it is

fully working it is functional but you

just forgot the passcode so then of

course you can't access your iPad

because you forgot it or even worse

maybe you have tried it so many times

that your iPad is like this iPad is

disabled as you guys can see and it made

me disabled for a minute 15 minutes in

our hours and hours and hours it doesn't

matter so it doesn't matter what

situation your iPad is so either working

or disabled if you don't remember your

passcode of your lock string passcode

I'm gonna help you out with this video

I'm gonna show you how to remove it and

gain access to your iPad again is gonna

be fully working again this is awesome

let's go let's begin so as it can

already tell we will need a computer for

this process to remove a forgotten

passcode off our iPad but don't worry

because it doesn't need to be a Mac a

MacBook or anything like that if you

have a Windows PC it works as well so it

works for every single computer that you

may have don't worry about that the only

difference is if you have a Windows PC

you will need to download iTunes ok so

if you don't already have it I'm gonna

have a link in the description down

below so you go there and download I too

of course 100% free is made by Apple so

don't worry so download iTunes and then

we're all good to go my iPad is back to

its normal state but I'm gonna put it as

inactive again just to prove my point

okay so it's disabled inactive again

alright so after we are done with this

first part of getting iTunes if you're

on Windows if you're on Mac you don't

need to do anything now we're gonna have

to go to this website right here called

IPSW dot me most of you guys are

familiar with this the ones who aren't

we're gonna download the former the iOS

or iPad OS version for our iPad manually

trust me this is the best way to do it

right now it's faster it's much better

than downloading straight from iTunes or

finder trust me this is better okay this

is updated for the 20/20 process and

this is the way to go okay so as soon as

you go to IPSW dot me again link in the

description you're going to need to

choose your product so so in this case

iPad and then we're gonna need to choose

your device so as you know there are

dozens of iPad models from the iPad one

all the way to the iPad seven which is

this one right here which is the newest

Apple has made available right right now

one very important thing if we don't

know exactly what iPad version you have

this may be your case there are so many

models you can go to this link which is

Apple's own support website on how to

identify your iPad model again link down

below if you're not sure of what iPad

version you have this is very easy this

is very cool you're gonna find it super

fast okay so let's continue one

important thing is if you have an iPad

pro the one without a home button so the

brand new iPad pro without a home button

I have a different video for you so

again I'm gonna put a card right here at

the top so go to that link because the

video is a little bit different if your


specifically an iPad pro without a home

button for all the other dozens of

models that's exactly the same okay

sorry i misclicked right here so I'm

gonna go to iPad 7 Wi-Fi that's my model

iPad seventh generation Wi-Fi only so

I'm gonna tap here and then I'm gonna go

and download the iPad OS 13 point three

point one which is the latest version

please only download signed IP SWF files

okay don't download unsigned otherwise

it will not work don't download the red

ones only the green ones okay this is

very important so then tap here and then

it's gonna start downloading

automatically actually I'm gonna I need

to scroll down and hit download sorry

about that and then after you do that

it's gonna start downloading right now

and as you can see it could be a little

bit large depending on it could be a

little bit slow depending on your

internet connection it could take hours

or minutes it depends I'm gonna have to

wait a bit here and then I'll be back

when that's done okay okay so now that

the download has finished as you guys

can see here I would recommend that you

pick it up from the download folder and

put it in your desktop this is gonna

make your life much easier

trust me so now that we have the file

the software itself and we also have

iTunes if you're running Windows or if

you're running Mac you don't need

anything else we're good to go okay so

we can finally get started and we're

gonna need to get our iPad and put it in

recovery mode okay we're gonna put it in

recovery mode manually to do that of

course we will need the computer we will

need a cable and that's it and it's just

one process for every single iPad model

there is okay

so plug the cable to the computer keep

in mind that maybe your computer is

gonna be USB type-c maybe your computer

is gonna be USB type a so just pay

attention to that to use the correct

cable for your computer and your iPad

okay so to put it in recovery mode all

you're going to need to do is first turn

off your iPad to do that you're gonna

need to press the power

but okay and keep holding doesn't matter

if it is in the disabled screen or

whatever as you guys can see just press

and hold and then it's like our off

that's it for every single iPad model

there is from the iPad one to the new

iPad seventh generation all you have to

do is this so turn it off and then now

that it's off all you have to do is

press and hold the home button

okay the home button right here so

you're gonna press and hold that button

and then plug in the cable okay

so press and hold the button I'm

pressing and holding with my right thumb

and then plugging it in as you guys can

see just wait a few seconds you're gonna

see the Apple logo the boot up screen

you're seeing it right here I'm still

pressing and holding and then we're

gonna see the recovery mode screen now I

can release the button and then put my

iPad right here I don't need to touch

that iPad anymore until the end of the

video okay as soon as you plug it in

you're gonna see a message so there's a

problem with the iPad iPad that requires

it to be updated or restored that

message can be from either iTunes or can

be from finder depending on what OS

version you're running doesn't matter as

soon as you plug your your iPad to your

computer and it starts with the recovery

mode screen as it just did you're gonna

see a pop up on your computer if there's

no pop-up from those software it means

that there's something wrong with the

software so just redownload itunes for

example okay so there's a problem with

the iPad that needs to be restored okay

we're going to need to restore it but

we're going to need to cancel that first

message okay because we're gonna need to

restore the device right here as you

guys can see restore we're gonna need to

restore it pressing a button because of

course we're gonna need to select that

firmware that file that we have manually

downloaded okay so if we're using a

Windows computer you're gonna need to

click on it so click on this button

while pressing the shift key the shift

key on your keyboard if you're doing

this on a Mac you're gonna need to again

click on the restore button but we're

gonna press on the option key on your

keyboard okay so hold the the key option

on Mac Shift on PC and then click on the

button as you guys can see you're gonna

get a pop-up just select your file and

that's what we're gonna do that's why I

said I told you to put it in a desktop

so then desktop iPad and open so now

you're manually selecting it so as you

guys can see your Mac will erase and

restore your iPad 2 iPad OS 30 point 3.1

and we verified the restore with Apple

very important this process will erase

everything from this iPad it will clean

it wipe it completely erase every and

all data that it is right here on this

device but if you have a backup any kind

of backup you can recover it later after

the restore process is done you can

recover everything from your backup so

you don't need to lose anything if you

don't have a backup I'm sorry you're

gonna lose everything but that's the

only way I assure you that's the only

way to do it all right so now all you

have to do is hit restore and then we

gotta wait so as you guys can see your

Mac is preparing to restore the software

on this iPad this dream may be a little

bit different if we're using iTunes or

if you're using an older version of a

Mac doesn't matter you're gonna see

those exact same messages maybe a little

bit different on the screen maybe at the

top here it doesn't matter it is the

exact same thing okay I'm just gonna

close this warning right here because we

don't care about that and then we just

wait now as you guys can see the iPad

automatically rebooted so it it just got

out of that recovery mode screen now it

is showing the Apple logo with a

progress bar right here hope you can see

it I recommend that you don't touch any

of the devices don't touch the cables

because this is a very very delicate

process so if you touch the cable right

here or right they remove the devices

around you may run into issue so don't

touch the devices okay just wait you're

gonna get this progress bar twice maybe

three times and then we're good to go

again you don't need to touch anything

I'll be back only when we have to

interact with it okay as you guys can

see and now the software will prompt you

with a message saying that iPad has been

restored to factory settings and is

restarting - please leave it connected

so that first loading bar has finished

now you're in the we're on the second

the second one is much faster and then

we can just hit OK here leave everything

connected and wait okay

let it do its thing I'll be back in a

second and so as you guys can see my

iPad is back it is right here in the

welcome screen in this setup screen and

of course we have finally removed our

forgotten past code that's it for now

one again of course remove the cable we

don't need that anymore I can put the

computer to the side right here and then

as you guys can see you can just

normally go ahead and start setting up

your iPad normally as if it is brand new

out of the box so put your language

touch ID and then you're gonna keep

moving forward and forward and of course

in a few steps from here you're gonna be

asked if you want to restore from a

backup that backup I mentioned so then

you don't lose your information even

though the iPad is blank right now you

can recover from a backup so that's

pretty much it

your iPad is good to go passcode removed

passcode free and then you can set a new

passcode this time please select one

that you will remember so we don't have

to go through this hassle all over again

so that's pretty much it please make

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button subscribe button and also check

the suggested videos you're seeing on

the screen right now that's very

important to me so that's pretty much it

and I'll see you guys in a few days guys

bye bye