Destiny 2: How to Unlock the New FORGE Activity! | Black Armory

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what is up guys rekt cactus here and

today we are going to be showcasing how

to unlock the brand new forge activity

in the just-released

black armory dlc for anyone who needs

help we're also gonna be focusing on

each of the quest steps and how to make

them easier how to farm them how to

complete them with ease so that you

especially if you have multiple

characters can roll through that pretty

darn quickly and so let's get started

but first in honor of this release Astro

who I am parted with a lot you guys know

you can click the link in description

down below to get a discount code but

they're having kind of a special event

today so I'm gonna be giving away Astro

a40 s+ the mix app all you gotta do

follow me on twitter at Rick cactus hit

me up with the hashtag kak armory that's

it I'm gonna pick someone later today so

let's start here with the quest no this

all starts out with interestingly enough

visiting the spider in the tangled Shore

he's going to give you a brand new quest

and the first step is to go to the tower

to the brand new area that came with

black armory head in here and you will

will enter into a cutscene when that is