Destiny 2: How to Unlock the New FORGE Activity! | Black Armory

what is up guys rekt cactus here and

today we are going to be showcasing how

to unlock the brand new forge activity

in the just-released

black armory dlc for anyone who needs

help we're also gonna be focusing on

each of the quest steps and how to make

them easier how to farm them how to

complete them with ease so that you

especially if you have multiple

characters can roll through that pretty

darn quickly and so let's get started

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let's start here with the quest no this

all starts out with interestingly enough

visiting the spider in the tangled Shore

he's going to give you a brand new quest

and the first step is to go to the tower

to the brand new area that came with

black armory head in here and you will

will enter into a cutscene when that is

done you're going to talk to a DES one

the brand new NPC and she's going to

give you another step in this quest with

the basic machine gun frame and there's

two requirements to fill out here number

one you have to obtain a weapon core and

number two you have to acquire 25

compound ether so how do you get the

weapon core well simply go to the e DZ

specifically the gulch or outskirts and

all of those new bosses that people were

kind of farming because they were

dropping a black armory loot a little

bit earlier those are the guys you have

to go after except not really because

the bosses aren't really involved in

getting a weapon core when the event

happens and those guys spawn simply go

to one of the protected chests shoot the

one shield drone guarding it and then

that will lower the shield open the

chest and that's it grab the weapon core

you don't actually have to kill this

boss whatsoever

you know the ether compounds are just

acquired for killing fallen in the e DZ

simply travel to troughs land somewhere

this fallin absolutely everywhere and

mow down 25 of those guys now when

you're finished with that your quest is

going to update with two additional

objectives you have to get multi kills

and hive kills with power weapons you

can do both at the same time by doing by

far the easiest way to get this done and

the quickest way to get this done which

is just to go to Mars and do an

escalation protocol you don't actually

have to complete or anything just

summoning the very first spire will

result in tons of hive to spawn and you

can get this done just in the first wave

frankly as for a power weapon to utilize

definitely the Thunder Lord is your best

choice something that can take down

enemies well a lot of enemies very

efficiently get easy multi kills again

the Thunder Lord is what you want

alright so after that your quest step is

going to update yet again this time you

have to defeat powerful enemies 25 of

them with power weapons so the easiest

way to do this is to load into the

Leviathan raid don't worry you're not

actually doing the entire raid once you

first spawn in there's actually going to

be six well actually eight powerful

enemies lined up with three powerful

yellow HUF legionaries on the left and

the right and then two of the yellow

health colossi or Colossus is in the

back so you can use a sleeper simulant

is definitely the easiest one shot will

take out all three of those yellow bar

legionaries move to the other side

another shot take it all through you've

done six you can just reload and reload

and reload and just keep farming those

original six guys it will go by in

absolutely no time at all once you're

done that there's one more quest step

you need to do before unlocking the

forge and that is to collect radiant

seeds now these are random drops from

powerful enemies

you're already farming powerful enemies

so you might as well continue just

killing the eight original guys at the

beginning of Leviathan reloading

reloading reloading and again it will go

by in no time especially if you are

using something like this sleeper

simulant now here you don't actually

have to use a powerful weapon so you can

get the two shots of the sleeper the

third shot can go at to one of the

Colossus and then you head back there

with a shotgun with

right for whatever finish the other two

guys off because it's worth killing all

of them to get your radiant seats now

once you are done killing all those

powerful enemies and this quest step is

completed you're gonna be prompted to go

back to the tower talk to a DES one yet

again she's gonna update your quest

stuff and now you have unlocked the

forge activity actually the quest does

continue and the next requirement is to

beat one of these forage activities but

you have unlocked it like you can do

this although it's still a quest step

you can go you can matchmaking it you

can complete it and again this is just

one of multiple forges that will be

unlocked throughout this season the next

big hurdle is just increasing your power

level the recommended power level for

this Forge is 610 and the enemies will

scale higher and higher as you get to

eventually wave threes so it's

definitely going to be the main hurdle

for you completing the forge but that's

how you unlock it guys hope you enjoy

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