Destiny 2: How to Unlock the IZANAMI FORGE! | Black Armory

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what is up guys wreck cactus here and

today we have the complete guide for how

to unlock the brand-new Izanami forge

just introduced into destiny 2 with the

black armory expansion and so let's get

started but a couple of important things

before we do number one this is an

extremely long and frankly tedious quest

make sure you're doing this on your main

character or whatever character has also

unlocked the Goffin in forge so you can

just do all your Forge stuff on one

character I can't imagine doing this

like three times in a week it would be

brutal number two you're probably gonna

see a very unique looking a bow being

used in some of the background gameplay

this is actually the brand new black

armory exotic bow the lemon Ark and I

will absolutely have a video up later

today showcasing this weapon if you want

to know more about it but you're

probably wondering how the heck did you

get it well I could hold off on telling

you guys until that second video for

some sweet views but that's not what I'm

about if it was I would have made 12

mystery box videos already so how I got

this weapon was just to complete a

dolphin in Forge activity so beat the