Ford Transit MK6 Side Door Side door won't open PROBLEM FIX

hello everyone this video is about for

transit MK 6 2002 problem with a side

door yesterday I couldn't open it I

tried to push it from outside and inside

and no luck at all today I took out the

full panel from inside and apparently

what helped in my case it's this part

which belongs to our main lock I twisted

a couple of times back and forth and

then went out living side door opened

that back door sorry back door opened

went back and with my fob I tried to

lock the van and I hear two clicks

because back door is opened it just

didn't lock the van so I still could

open then by going back walking the back

door locked again now one click one is

locked when I press unlock twice the

site will start working again my case

was simple but it made me a lot of

trouble worried I thought to go to the

garage and give the van to a

professionals so I hope this video can

help and if you have any questions just

leave them in the your comments thank

you bye