How to unlock a 2001 Ford Taurus that has died with doors locked and only starter key.

what does that people it's me just cope


yeah so basically this car was locked

the and I could get it because the

battery died so I let it sit here all

winter because I couldn't get in it

because the auto lock was working and if

you try the key where's the key well

anyways if you try the key right here it

doesn't unlock it all the way so with

these old cars the trunk does unlock so

what I ended up doing was unlocking the

trunk I bent the seat a little bit so I

could pull that little lever right there

that little pull cord right there I

don't know if you can see it too well um

but pull that little pull cord hurt my

arm a little bit but that's how I got

back into my car and locked it so that's

one way with these old 2001 Ford

Tauruses that you can get into your car

if your battery is completely died and

your car's lock is just going through

the trunk so yeah I just thought I'd

make this short video just kind of

telling people you know how to fix it

yourself kind of thing so yeah so

basically if you can't unlock your car

with your remote and the key doesn't

work try going into the trunk I hope you

found this video helpful and informative

really I've left my keys inside but I

thought I'd just make this video well I

was just fresh in my mind that I just

just got into my car while it was locked

so super happy now I can get into my car

and get the hood popped and charge the

battery back up so that's awesome yeah

if you have any questions feel free to

comment and we'll catch you guys on the

flipside peace