How to unlock a ranger with no keys

okay so this is a 2000 Ranger and I'm

just going to show you guys how to get

into the lock to unlock the door

say if I would walk my keys in it

see it's locked right now pull on the

handle all I have here is just a old

antenna it's got that knob on the end

that's very important so what you're

going to do is you know lift up this

handle underneath that handle I don't

know if you can see it very well you see

that hole that's the access hole you can

stick the end of your antenna up inside

there okay now I'm not going to go very

far in start off I'm going to turn it to

the left okay so the front which is

going to be pointing down that way when

we turn it to this way okay so turn it

left and then push it in okay I try to

keep it about even with the access hole

I won't lift up on this handle a little

bit just so I can make it a little bit

easier to move around you see that knob

in there so I'm gonna I'm gonna start

moving this back to the right okay until

I see where that knobs moving all right

well I see that knob move I know I'm

right up against it so I want to shove

forward as far as I can on the Santana

and shove it into the door so that knob

that big in of the antenna goes past the

rod and then I put pressure on it to the

right and just press down and then locks

okay I'm going to go ahead and take my

tool out my antenna well I got door shut

look it there get right in