autoradio ford focus 6000 cd locked 13

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How to Unlock Ford Radio Lock 13?

Step 1: Locate Your Ford Radio

Locate your Ford radio in your vehicle. In the center console of most Ford vehicles, there is a small vinyl tab in the center of the radios plastic frame. Pull the tab away and the plastic frame should pop right off.

Step 2: Remove the Ford Radio's Circuit Board

Carefully remove the circuit board from the back of the plastic frame. This can be done by unscrewing each side and gently removing it from the back.

Step 3: Enter in Your Security Code

Look for your unique security code printed on the back of your circuit board. Enter this code into the Ford radio by pressing the two buttons located on the sides of the radio simultaneously while pressing the numerical buttons of your security code.

Step 4: Reinsert the Circuit Board

Upon successfully entering in your security code, carefully place the circuit board back inside the plastic frame. Make sure to securely fasten the screws to make sure the circuit board stays in place.

Step 5: Reinstall the Plastic Frame

Reinsert the plastic frame, ensuring it is flush and secure. After a few moments, your Ford radio should turn on, unlocking it in the process; you may experience a brief window of static upon the first boot-up.