How to Unlock a Ford Fusion Using Hidden Key Cylinder With Dead Battery

Joubert mister here we have a 2013 Ford


this goes for multiple years of fusion

I'm going to show you what happens when

you your battery's dead on your car or

the battery's dead on your key fob and

you can't get in on this car it's kind

of standard key a switchblade style the

newer ones have a key fob on the inside

you peel that open you would take the

valet key out or use this one if you

have this style and what you do you look

carefully there's a little lock there

and if you look underneath there's a

little slot so what you want to do is

push in and use another hand and slide

this cap to the right and it comes off

right in that hole there and slide it

back and slid right off then you're

gonna put your key in turn

and open it up pot up Bing we're gonna

put the cap back on a lot of people

don't know that this is here we go