How to Unlock a Ford Focus with a Wire. Enter through right upper rear of door.

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alright I locked my keys in my car as

you can see I'm back in it

luckily there was a hardware store not

too far from here

and they gave me a wire so I showed it

I'll show it later so I'm going to start

out well I'm going to start off by

showing the cop unlocking my door back

when I was in high room and they said

the dog alerted on drugs in my car I'm

going to show the clip with it where

they broke in it's not very good it's

fuzzy but you get an idea that they came

and sit through this back corner here

this is this back corner

go ahead oh s--- please you can be

professional yes yes my key is in there



no I don't


without being able to see and it's going

to be difficult I have those spoil

things up so you're going to be

difficult to see just keep the light out


oh yeah it's for light yeah I'm in a lot

of ways there yeah that'll make it look

more suspicious so this morning the cop

shops not far from here where I'm at so