How to unlock your steering wheel if locked

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about to create a V a video about how to

get your sting Vil unlocked if it got

locked up and you're just playing with

it I'm gonna lock it up hold on there it

is completely locked we try to put the

ignition in it won't budge right well

that's a good time because that means

you can unlock it people like their

rules up because if they're a down hill

and like they don't want to go down them

they lock their rules up so it's harder

for like the car to move down the road

simple easy y'all probably gets that as

well so first thing you want to do turn

the wheel to the right or left depending

on which side you put it on then you

want to turn the ignition as well it's

kind of hard cuz it's locked up in like

you know it's pretty much you against

wheels kind of barely I'll know what I'm

saying but yeah like this so turn the

wheel turn the key

now the wheel is unlocked thank you for

watching and I'm up