Unlocking a 1998-2007 f250 f350 with a Slim Jim

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okay youtubers this is how we're going

to do this we've got a 2006 f250 I'm

gonna show you all how to get in this

it's actually not that hard if you have

the right tools I'm going to show you

with a slim jim and now we're a lot of

people go wrong first with their slim

jim is you buy them and they're dead

straight flat and that's really not

gonna work you've got to add a little

bit of an angle at the bottom of it

because you've got to be able to reach

in there to get it unlocked and so like

say you get a good nice little slow

slope on there

don't try to bend it because then it's

hard to get in you've actually got to

give it just a small little bit of a

curve okay so now we're gonna get up to

the truck I've got my windows down just

because I have really dark tint all

y'all would see is just me

so first undo this was the windows down

but you're gonna start about midway

through the windows so you're gonna come

right here I'll just slide it in you'll

slowly work your way towards the door

lock so you just slowly bring it down

till you feel the lock

and catch it lift up you got an unlocked