How to unlock your car using a coat hanger

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locking your keys in your car can be a

frustrating experience trust me I've

locked my keys in my car five times

within the past school year fortunately

there are several methods for retrieving

your keys without expensive repair the

most common way is using a straightened

wire coat hanger this process has five

simple steps step 1 find a coat hanger

and straighten the coat hanger out

wherever you are

I am sure there is someone around who

has a coat hanger to use the coat hanger

to get into the car it must be

straightened completely leaving only the

curved end in its original shape step 2

insert the coat hanger between the car

window and weather stripping there

should be a length of black rubber

weather stripping running along the

lower edge of your car window peel the

strip back using your finger and gently

insert the curved edge of the coat

hanger into the gap between the window

and the weather stripping step 3

grope for a small pin with the coat

hanger move the coat hanger around in

the gap until you feel a small pin this

pin can be pulled to disengage the door

lock step 4 pull the pin using the coat