How to Open Stuck Tailgate 97-04 Ford F-150

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we're going to be working with our 1998

Ford f150 we're going to show you how to

get into a tailgate that is stuck in the

closed position and get it down so you

can work on it and fix whatever got it

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here are the items you'll need for this

repair now we're going to open the

tailgate to do this but if yours is

broken and preventing you from opening

the tailgate these same steps can be

followed from inside the bed with the

tailgate in the upright position you

have eight pieces of hardware securing

the cover and the back plate onto the

tailgate ours have clearly been replaced

a few times and our various styles and

sizes of hardware use the appropriate

tool and ratchet to remove whatever

hardware is securing your plastic back

cover if you don't have this plastic

cover the hardware should be the same

and in the same locations to remove a

steel backing


remove the plastic backing if you have


once you remove your plastic cover if

you have one you'll have two t30 Torx

bolts you need to remove I'm pretty sure

this is the original hardware that

should have been holding the plastic

piece of the tailgate on - so you

probably already have this tool out

remove the metal backing now once you've

got the back cover off there's a few

things that could be preventing your

tailgate from opening either this little

leg which is what actuate the arm and

turns the mechanism to open your latches

is broken off and not moving the

actuator the actuator is stuck your

latch rods are broken or out of

adjustment if the latter rod is broken

grab the mechanism or as close as you

can to the mechanism here on both sides

and pull both flat rods toward the

center open your tailgate reinstall the

metal cover now if you have the plastic

cover start by installing the two t30

Torx bolts if you don't have the plastic

cover reinstall all ten of your t30 Torx

bolts at this point and tighten them


now if you have the plastic cover like

we do reinstall it and you should have a

t30 Torx bolts to reinstall we have

miscellaneous hardware that we'll be

putting back in close your tailgate and

you're good to go thanks for watching

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