How To Unlock A Steering Wheel

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how's it going guys MC I've got milk oh

and welcome back to another Auto video

in this video I'll be teaching what to

do if you accidentally or steering wheel

and don't know how to get out of it

because I've seen a few people have

heard a lot of people say oh crap I've

I've started my car with the key remote

start or whatever reason and I turn my

way backs and it's completely locked and

I can't get out of it so in this video

I'll be teaching you how to fix that

before we get started wanna make sure

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without further than get into the video

okay for example you start your car

remotely wait for it to start up okay my

Intel's a piece of crap

but obviously if you push your foot on

the brake shut the car off

alright cars back on keys out of the

ignition now let's say that you you

forget you come from your house you do

what you do your thing come back out you

think your keys in the ignition

now let's say you go to turn the wheel a

wheel stuck as you push the brake cars