2005 Explorer Sport-Trac door code recovery

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hey guys and girls this video is about

my 2005 ford explorer sport trac it may

be applicable to other years or models

but that's up to you to find out this

video is for you

if you've either lost forgotten or never

got the key code for your keyless entry

door entry system that looks like this

now first step make sure that keypad

actually works that every button on it

works this is easiest to do in a semi

dark environment by just pressing one

button at a time and seeing if it lights

up that will tell you that the button is

actually doing something online that

action also turns on the interior light

at least on the first button you press

once you're sure the keypad is

operational and you really just need the

code the factory set code then proceed

as follows starting on the driver's side

open your fuse panel by prying with a

screwdriver or other object showing the

area shown by the arrow and rotate it

outward you'll find a fuse number 10 is

for the airbag system this is very

important you take out this fuse and

make sure it's the right one read your

owners manual to be sure now go to the

other side and open the glovebox and