How To Lock & Protect The Header & Footer In Word

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hello in this lesson I'm going to show

you how it's possible to lock and

protect the header and footer sections

in Microsoft Word

so that although people can edit and

change the main part of the document

they're unable to change or edit or

remove the header or the footer from

your document so you'll see that in this

document here if I try to edit the

header section I was on text and I've

got a picture up here I can double click

that section and enter it I can

highlight that text but if I try typing

anything in it doesn't work so I've

highlighted that I'm trying to type as

you can probably hear on the keyboard it

doesn't work I can click on the picture

and press Delete or backspace again that

doesn't work I can try and change the

size of that image again it doesn't work

so that header section is completely

locked out and yet if I want to I can

type anything I want in the rest of the

document so the rest of the document is

completely editable and I can then save

it and do what I want with that but the

header and indeed if I wanted to the

footer as well would be completely

protected so let's see how it's possible