Remove Lock Icon Symbol from Folders Files in Windows 7 8 10

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this video is going to be on how to

unlock a folder in Windows 7 and it

might work in Windows 8 Windows 10 who


so I'm sitting here looking at my

computer and I'd get a lot folder that

is new I could might be able to get rid

of it by rebooting and I probably should

reboot to see if that fixes it but my

music folder is locked my pictures are

locked in my video is locked now I'm

going to click on this and we're gonna

get a message access is denied I'm gonna

click on my videos over here I don't

know if this is gonna take me in okay so

that's unusual but I can no longer get

to my videos now and I have my music I

can't get to my music and my music over

here access denied

so obviously something went wrong here

with the sharing and again it might be a