How To Start - Focus Tree Guide - Warframe 2019

hey guys this is HP cake grin making a

video about the focus trees in warframe

today so a lot of changes have been

happening lately for in warframe so you

cannot actually compare the previous

versions of warframe to the current

version because there have been like

drastic changes and it has been evolving

ever since so but the focus tree evolved

a lot of people have gotten a little bit

confused and like as to how these

abilities have been working out and all

that kind of stuff so every time we're

streaming every time I'm playing with

friends we always get into this like

section where like everybody is like

what do we do with these focus trees and

how do we get them and what's the best

way of farming for the focus trees so

anyhow I'm gonna try to answer those

questions the best way possible if

something is left out you could always

let me know in the comment section below

and I will be happy to answer so the

first thing that you guys need to do in

order to gain access to the focus tree

is finish the second dream quest if you

do not know where to get access to the

second dream quest you can come over

here into the Codex and the first tab

that you're gonna see is the quest have

here you're gonna scroll down and you'll

see second dream you will see the name

written down but if the picture is

blurry then that means that you still

need to finish something prior to this

in order to gain access to the second

dream once you have finished the

prerequisites you will gain access to it

and all you got to do is just click on

it and you'll see that you're right here

and you'll come to this screen and you

can use the cinematic and I encourage

you to because it's one of the coolest

cinematics in the game and then you'll

see the option to start the quest as

well and you go on your merry way once

you have finished the second dream quest

what's gonna happen is at the end of it

you're gonna be prompted to select one

of the five focus trees now the catch is

that the first one will be free of

charge but the other four you will need

to gain 50,000 points in each of those

focus trees in order to unlock them and

then you can start using them abilities

but you will still have to gain focus

points in order to unlock the abilities

inside the focus tree but I will explain

that further in the video now previously

before the update happened you actually

had to come back at the

and where do you see the Tenno right now

sitting and you actually had to use this

part to in order to gain access to the

focus but with the new update what you

could do is just simply go to your

equipment and you can just go to your

arsenal right here and you'll see that

the lens or the focus stuff has appeared

right in your arsenal now when we click

this you'll be brought to the focus menu

and here you'll see all of the five

focus trees in one spot

but one of them will be unlocked for you

because of the second beam class and you

might have been already like leveling it

up whereas the other four that you're

gonna see just like under right here it

will say to unlock this focus tree you

need 50,000 focus points in this focus

tree in order to unlock it however if

you want to read all the abilities you

could still press like the X button or

the click on it and whatnot in order to

read all the abilities and once you are

done with that you could select like hey

I should work on this one or not now the

most and foremost important thing in

this whole focus tree stuff is you can

actually go for all five of them at the

same time your priority in my opinion

should be trying to go for the passive

abilities so as you guys can see right

here this Phoenix talons right here in


it says passive right under it if you go

to like the inner gaze

it says passive right over there if you

go to Phoenix spirit it says passive

right there but then if you go to like

the boyd radian it doesn't say passive

if you go to the void strike it doesn't

say passive it doesn't say flame laughs

it doesn't say passive right over here

the eternal grace it says passive let's

go check another one let's go for an

arrow mine

so here it says affinity spike which is

passive executing executing - it doesn't

say passive right over here voice talker

it doesn't say a passive mine step it

says passive now all of these focus

trees have passive abilities so make

sure if you want to like get like a jump

on on all the stuff like the best way to

start off is trying to get all of the

passive abilities for these focus trees

which is the most important thing to do


soon as you activate your channel those

passive abilities become available for

you in that mission so just make sure

that you're going after the passive

abilities first now the second thing is

the pool so just like in your warframes

when you're modding your warframe and

then you're putting formas on it for the

capacity so as you guys can know like

you have like a lecture specific

capacity points and that's why you have

to do like the formas and whatnot in

order to get more points so you could

put in better mods just like that you

can actually increase your pool size so

over here you'll see the pool size which

says a hundred forty four out of a

hundred that means you have that much

capacity points so each of these

abilities as you guys can see right here

for example phoenix talon you'll see the

three dashes and you see four next to it

let's go to inner gaze you see the three

dashes but then it says seven next to it

so those points the numbers that you see

those are actually pool points just like

capacity in warframe

in focus tree those are actually two

points and you can actually use them you

can increase as many as you want

and increase as many as capacity points

as long as you have enough focus points

to increase your pool so just like over

here if you see it says I need 76262

pool point like focus points in order to

increase my pool size to 101 for example

so let's see I have a Zen errect right

here just to explain to you guys like

I'm gonna use the pool size over here

now it is actually shared it is shared

between all of them so like you do not

have to worry about like oh my god do I

need to have a specific one so with the

new update what they have done is you

can actually purchase your unused focus

points or other focus tree and you can

use that to increase your pool size and

then try to save the focus points for

the one that you're working on so just

like right over here you just come to

this menu for example vassar and I'm

basically done with I really do not want

to get much into it but if you see all I

gotta do is press this and my pool size

has been increased now I'm gonna go back

to my Madurai

make it primary once I have made it

primary again if you see right here that

pool size has been increased from 100 to

101 but I did not use my Madurai focus

points so just so you guys know to make

that clear that's how this works so like

there is the new update it's a lot

cooler you could just spend like coins

from the other focus trees which you do

not need anymore

and you can just like use that to

increase your pool size this actually

helps you out into finishing the stuff

with the new rework they introduced like

unbinding of abilities in the focus

trees well just keep your eye on the

under entites which says unbound right

here so I've maxed it out what this

means is that I've unlocked this ability

and I can use this ability on other

focus trees as well so let's show you an

example right away so here you guys can

see the under entites

and it says unbound as well over here

and I have it on my Madara let's say if

I an equip it for a second I unequip it

you'll see I gain my pool points back

but if I equip it again it just took

away those points again now how do you

unbind your abilities so right over here

if you come to your matter or the ones

that you have not a lot to add when you

go scroll over them you're gonna see it

says - a lot disability you need 1

million focus points to unbind it along

with a brilliant idle on chart the

million focus points you will have to do

during your like focus farming but the

brilliant I belong chart what that does

is that you need to capture a

successfully a terror list you could do

it solo you could do it in now I'll

definitely make a video in detail about

these focus trees and their abilities

and what they're are all made off but

right now I'll try to explain them in a

nutshell like what type of these

abilities are used by what type of

players so if you're our support type

players you'll probably be best off

using mahzarin because it can give you

and your allies instant 3 lives a little

bit of help on your operator and all

that kind of stuff it does come in handy

a lot with the owner ooh it's more like

an armor based abilities like you've

gained more armor

you get more survivability and stuff

like that so that's completely up to you

but it's not as good as the other focus

trees Madurai gives you a lot of DPS so

it can act like excess amount of DPS on

your status and all that kind of stuff

so it does really help out and a lot of

people love this especially when hunting

like or mother or like the terror list

or the tribal lawns the narrow mana is

actually for more people like who are

millie type players so and with the new

update on the Mele

Mero mom has actually become more useful

for those people who are actually just

merely bass players it gives you a lot

of CC and all that kind of stuff so if

and it helps you like maintain your

damage DPS of an you're doing melee

damage a lot does enteric the last one

it is favored by a lot of people as well

because it grants you a lot of energy

which can come in handy when you're

doing long hunts and or mother again and

it's really cool to have as well so

these were like the five abilities like

the five main focus types and it kind of

like covers each aspect of the warframes

like steo type players as well like some

people like survivability some likes or

more support some like DPS and stuff

like that right so that's kind of like

the major point of view for these focus

trees as well moving on to the final

phase of the video the question that a

lot of the newcomers ask me a lot of the

time is actually how do I initiate or

how do I get these focus points what do

I have to do to get these focus points

the first requirement is having a max

rank warframe primary secondary melee or

you can have all four of them then the

second thing is required is the focused

lenses a specific to the focus tree that

you have selected so there are five

focus trees so there's five types of

lenses but each lens actually has three

categories or three stages if you want

to say or three ranks once you have a

max rank warframe or weapon whichever

one you're going to equip you go to the

upgrade menu and you go to the action

bar in the action bar you're gonna see

the focus lenses right here now the two

of them are visible right here so

there's a regular type

lenz and then there's a greater type of

plans a lot of people look back to defer

but I actually think that people should

just purchase the grater lenses right

off the bat but since the new update has

happened in the plains of Ireland you

get an idol don lens blueprint which you

can use to upgrade your grater lenses

into either long lenses which makes it

are you making tons and tons and tons of

focus points like right off the bat

which is way faster than just having the

plain lenses now in order to make the

greater lenses you need four of the

regular lenses I think you need a 4 ma

and an argon crystal and some other

resource but in my opinion spending a

forma on a lens like I kind of like

would rather spend it on my warframe or

a weapon so I kind of like recommend

people to get like greater lenses now

you can get them from the market so

purchase them right from there and then

go form the idol on VP from the bounties

or you can even purchase that from the

people in the player trading market and

you can get them for like 20 into 30

platinum that's the going price on all

platforms whether your PC ps4 Xbox or

switch and some of them even go for like

cheaper now because they have been over

farmed a lot now and not a lot of people

are like looking for them so once you

have that you can actually just equip it

for example as you guys can see here I'm

just gonna equip one and it will say

focus lens are successfully installed

and you guys can see like that symbol

actually starts to appear on your

warframe right there and just like that

you can actually go into your menu right

here and you'll actually see the see

those things in your warframes and

weapons wherever you have like applied

to them I think I could show it easily

over here so for example if you see my

Mesa I think I have one on my Mesa the

regular one so you'll see that there's a

bar right there oh there's one on amber

as well I think oh yeah there's one on

Mirage there's one on frost there's one

on Nova so you

guys can see that symbol attached to it

and it will tell you like hey you have a

focus on a quick to it so it is

completely your choice which warframes

you use the bigger picture of how to get

these focus points is actually when you

are in a mission you'll see like a

yellow flowery bubble appear out of

nowhere you have to pick that up and

then you'll see a timer on the top right

corner of your screen for like 40

seconds or something like timer during

that time the thing that is equipped to

your focus length so let's say your

regular Mesa or your Mesa prime it's

equipped with the focus lens you need to

use your Mesa - Mason's abilities to

kill the enemies so I would recommend if

you want to use a warframe would use

like sarin use like Mesa use like Mirage

use like frost or something like that

that does instant DPS like instant kills

or like ember for example and that's the

best way to like actually use utilize it

I actually like Mirage the most honestly

to be honest because what happens is

that when you use her ability the

doppelgangers that ability kind of like

as in your focus and then if you're

using a weapon you can actually have a

lens on your weapon and it can actually

count both of them towards earning your

focus points and thus you get more focus

points than just with one bore frame or

just one using one weapon now the last

thing in this one is a the best place

actually there are some exterminate

missions you can use your equinox there

now there's an economics Prime and all

that kind of stuff but generally in my

opinion either select if you're lower

level player go to the sanctuary

onslaught if you're a high level player

you can go to the elite sanctuary

onslaught what this does is as soon as

you go into the mission every mission

you go every like wave I guess if you

want to say it when you go in there

you're actually already equipped with

the focus points and you just earn the

focus points and then there are a lot of

rewards in there that a lot of people

are sort like looking for so it kind of

like makes it worthwhile going in there

other than that you can go into defense

missions you can go to relic farming

while you're

you can just earn focus points as well

there are like loads and loads of

methods you can go into any mission to

get them so that is pretty much it for

this video guys if you guys have any

questions any comments you can leave it

in the comment section below the basic

aim for this video was to try to like

help the new people understand like what

the focus trees are and like how you

could start getting a build on them but

as far as for the advanced level ones I

will try my best to make a video for

that a little bit later on and so that

way it can shed some light on those

things as well if you guys still have

any questions or comments you can leave

it in the comment section below I will

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you guys have yourself a wonderful

evening and a wonderful day a week

this is hbk grand signing off at the

time have a great one guys