How to Unlock ALL Operator Schools: Warframe Focus Farm

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Hey Oh what's guys pedicured back over

the baby today's video we're looking at

how to find focus for how to unlock

schools for your operator so before I

saw this video I want to say sorry for

the fact that I haven't uploaded in over

a week

I started fascinating on the video and I

eventually didn't upload it so I'll be

uploading that video later but I'm gonna

quickly about this tutorial and hope you

guys enjoy so you might ask why you

might want to gain focus for an operator

well if you go back here to your

operatives granted you've finished all

the quests second join the world within

and everything and you give a lot your

operator and you go to focus you have

all these schools but you picked one

school and you're locked in but you

probably have 400 schools that you

haven't unlocked in and they cost 60,000

focus unlock them

that's where focus farming comes into

working from 50,000 and then go on to

unlock the school now I wouldn't

recommend using these ways to to

actually level up and stuff inside your

that you I don't want to go I don't want