How to Enable / Disable Fn Key to Use With Action / Function Keys?

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hello everyone this is our chief calling

and welcome back to our channel as a

teacher and in this tutorial we will

talk about the FN key and the actions T

that you can see on top of the f1 to f12

keys which are this country action keys

like here you can see that on f8 key you

also have the volume up button or you

can also see here that if you want to

increase the brightness then you can

press the f3 key but there is a

situation here that you have to use the

FN key along with the function keys to

use the skin reaction that you want so

by default on many laptops you have to

hold on the FN key to use the skanda

function like if you want to increase

the brightness then you have to hold

down the FN key and then press f3 key to

increase the brightness so in this

tutorial I will show you that how you

can enable or disable the FN key so if

you want to increase or decrease the

brightness then you can correctly press

the f3 without holding the FN key so

let's have a look and for that I am

going to turn on this laptop and I will

go to the BIOS setting and for this

laptop I have to press f10 key to enter