Unlock the Hidden FM Radio in Your Android Smart Phone

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ayoh today I'm going to show you some

different the got a Android phone here

this is the Galaxy j7 v and this

something that they don't tell you about

your Android phones some of them not all

of them but they can actually work as a

real FM radio not a streaming radio not

a not a internet radio but actual live

FM radio and to see if yours does it

what we're going to do is go to the Play

Store and what we're going to do is

search for next radio next so we see

next next radio free live FM radio click

that and you can see this is free live

FM radio so let's so if you want to find

out if yours is support it hit read more

scroll down you can read what it says

about it here says the next radio app

lets you experience live local FM radio

and your smart phone in a brand new way

supported devices audio is received