How to Unlock Flying in Legion - WoW Legion 7.2 Guide

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hey guys what's up man cheese in here

back with another video for you with

patch 7.2 we'll finally be able to find

the broken Isles to do this we need to

get to achievements so in this video

I'll go over how to do just that to get

your airborne as soon as possible keep

in mind that this is pretty early on

into the PTR so some stuff is still

being tinkered with for the most part

though this should get the live servers

without any huge changes so to get

flying you have to get the broken Isles

Pathfinder achievements they're split up

into two parts parts 1 & 2 part 1 you

can do right now before 7.20 launches so

I recommend you knock it out to get a

head start I'll cover that soon but

first I want to talk about part two

since it was just added to the PTR and

I'm sure it's what most of you are

interested in for this one he had to

have completed part 1 of the broken

Isles Pathfinder treatment and the

following 5 explored the broken shore

defender of the broken Isles Legion fell

commander and breaching the tomb

explored the broken shores pretty

self-explanatory you just need to fully

uncover the broken shore map walking