Draenor Flying Made Easy! WoW Guide To Draenor Pathfinder in 10 Minutes!

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hi everyone so this is kind of just an

update and a reupload of a video that I

had already done regarding flying in

Draenor getting the Pathfinder

achievement quite a bit easier than was

originally intended the audio in that

video was not very great and I fixed it

but instead of messing with the whole

YouTube algorithm I'm just gonna re-up

load it with this little intro so for

anyone that had an issue with my audio

in the last video this should fix it if

there was anything that you guys didn't

understand in the last one because of

the shitty audio this will also fix that

with all the information that's coming

out about the next expansion Shadowlands

they're taking out the Pathfinder

achievement requirements for Legion and

which would be broken Isles Pathfinder

and Draenor Pathfinder to get flying but

the difference will be at least in

Draenor when you got trainer or

Pathfinder you also got in the soaring

sky terror you will not get that

mountain Shadowlands unless you also do

the Draenor Pathfinder achievement but

you will be able to get flying without

doing all of the other stuff so if you

don't care about the mount don't worry