Unlock Flower World in New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Guide & Walkthrough

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so you want to know how to reach the

flower world huh

there's actually two different ways to

reach it depending on you coming from

world 3 or the mushroom world there's a

canyon in BO that'll get you there but

the paths to them are well hidden let's

start with a canon in world 3 which

requires finding the secret exit in the

fortress level but before you start you

need to find yourself a mini mushroom as

only mini-mario can access it if you

need one you can either drop by a toad

house or if you even locked it swing by

level 3 - be to find a mini mushroom at

the very start once you're all set head

to world threes fortress just before the

checkpoint you'll find these two blocks

obstructing the path when they start to

move follow the one on the right to find

a mini pipe but only mini Mario can

enter this will lead you to a hidden

flagpole which opens a path to world

threes cannon after the cannon blasts

you off all you have to do is finish a

level to reach the flower world but

whether you're coming from the mushroom

world it's a similar deal here where

you'll have to find a secret path to

reach the mushroom world's cannon and