UNLOCKED FLORA 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️ Disney Magic Kingdoms Sleeping Beauty | Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.250


hi Susie girl back for another episode

of my Disney's Magic Kingdom's game now

here is Randall and Mike with some

dialogue I want you out of my sight


nobody hackles me in my own club when

they actually worked for me that was


quest complete reform fill in part four

I'm sure I'll pay for it later but man

it felt good oh no so much for reform

villain he is going back to his old ways

Randall what are you doing bud

what are you doing I think he just wants

to be a food critic again I don't know

why but I just feel like that was more

of a better job for him he just need to

learn to put a positive spin on things

so guys in my last video I unlocked yoki

so I am going to go through my very

first drop rate right now for him so

hopefully I do get at least one or two

items for him I do already have one of

Abigail's pictures that we need for him

that I got in a chest in my last video

so that was a great way to start off

collecting for him for sure all right

here is Gaston that welcoming screen

really describes him Gaston is now level

seven Belle will have to marry me now

just you wait

he's a little delusional we really need

a different story sort of going with him

they need to expand on this you can't

just still be obsessed with Belle I know

it's sort of his purpose but like I

don't know they need to do something

with it it seems kind of boring right

now he's already at level seven so like

God do something quick all right so I'm

going to I think level up one of my big

hero six characters right now

I'm not sure which one I would like to

do but yes actually I do because she

can't collect anything so go-go's action

character just chose she can't really

collect anything right now

for yogi so she's a good one and she

only takes an hour's so not too worried

about it

there we go so we've already dropped an

ears hot in another picture of Abigail

so this is going pretty well I don't

think these tokens are gonna be that

hard to collect for I just think because

we still have to collect the chips for

baymax and build the robotics lab so I

think that for whatever reason I think

they just left too long before they

officially unlocked

yoky because I am locked him like what

four or five days ago and I had to wait

and that is just not normal like I don't

think I've ever had to wait that long

for a character to be officially

released so I'm not sure what's going on

with this event but I think they were

waiting for people to maybe catch up and

stuff like that but they really needed

to let us just sort of get on with the

event and get it done it Polly so cheese

I think maybe that is something with the

events that they need to change a little

bit is that we can you know after Mindy

the first meet or something like all the

characters are unlocked and we can just

collect them and progress at the

storyline as we wish gogo is now level

five not bad I don't know what do you

guys think of that I feel pretty

strongly about this just because I'm

still give us that same amount of days

to do whatever we want with the

characters and stuff but I don't feel

like controlling it you know is the best

way to sort of handle this it's just put

everything out for us

let us just work through the event if

people want to just buy their way

through they can do that you know if

people want to play like I do pretty

much all the way through it just let let

me do that and if it only takes me like

you know I don't know 15 days or 20 days

to do instead of that 25 well who cares

I just let it be Rafiki is now level six

I know who I am but do you know who you

are oh I always know who I am until you

ask me and oh oh it's just feel a little

unsure right now afraid he's gonna whack

me on the head with this stick right

through the screen so anyways that is my

opinion on the event let me know in the

comments below what you think of that

for sure so now I am going ahead and

leveling up Randall just quickly and I'm

going to have some great chests I think

today hopefully

but anything has to be better than what

I opened in my last video oh my goodness

I opened a lion king legendary chest

with gems and it was absolutely horrible

yeah rafiki's here's a token I got one

of those bonsai plant things and I was

just like seriously this is the new

beauty and the beast' hair shrub you

guys have been saying that and it is so


honestly it was just like wow that was

kind of a waste of gems like I didn't

need the happiness I didn't need the

magic sand I didn't need that ridiculous

decoration it was cool to get one or two

but you know so many and especially

because like a character like Timon is

common and I still haven't got him yet

and I've opened like what two

how many how many packs have I open guys

I don't know it's been quite a few and

it's just I find the common things are

actually harder to get than the

legendary this is absolutely ridiculous

here is Randall and he is now level 4 I

could get used to this what you get used

to leveling up well I can do that buddy

I can still collect for you so the

character that is going to take the

longest right now is him but I think

it's a good time to do a character for a

while just because

yoky isn't I'm gonna have all the

character tokens yet so might as well

just go ahead and level somebody up for

a while so I don't have to do all these

little characters right now I can just

work on collecting for for him here is

Mickey and Minnie well making music with

you sure makes me feel happy quest

complete strike up the band

oh boy having a mini back makes

everything better I'm so cute are we

gonna get some more yet more dialogue


it's just how I expected the kingdom is

thriving with all this adventure

of course that could make us a target

for villainous foes perhaps we need

someone with a more magical touch to be

on the lookout welcome a very welcome

flora my goodness this is so great

our very first Sleeping Beauty character

has been unlocked oh my goodness I'm so

excited okay this is awesome I was not

expecting this guy so the spinning wheel

is going to be the main character token

for all of the Sleeping Beauty

characters if we build a roars spinning

wheel that would be very very useful to

get that so I actually might do that

quite soon all right now we also need

the Red Hat for her so we can see here

that most characters can collect it

every four to six hours which is great

and it can also be found in bronze chest

so this is really awesome I was gonna

say you guys don't have those characters

but we all do at this point we have two

Flores ears hat that's more six to eight

hours except for very very special

Maximus our our horse you know you can

do it in four cuz he's just so fast so

this is awesome

I think the ears hats are gonna take a

little bit longer to collect mind you

look at that Maximus already dropped me

in ears hat I love it that was totally

unexpected all right so that looks like

everything I can do for today's video

which is super amazing though because

the unlocks floor which is going to

continue my main storyline I'm not gonna

focus on collecting a whole bunch of

stuff for her right now but if my

characters just happened to be able to

go and do that off they go I might wait

to bring her into the kingdom though

until the event is over but we will sort

of see how it goes but I am super

excited I get to start collecting for a


character another one so many new

characters lately like Rapunzel and

Flynn and all of the big hero six

characters that I've got this is just

absolutely amazing so thanks for

watching and I'll see you guys from an

XDM capstone bye