You're Using Duolingo Wrong [10 BEST Tips for Fluency]

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with over 300 million users duolingo is

definitely one of the most

popular language learning apps in the


but are you using it right excuse the


tone of the title of this video but

there's a good chance you're not getting

the most out of duolingo so today i'm

going to give you some of my best tips

for getting the most and learning the

most from the duolingo app

i've been using duolingo since 2014 and

i've completed

two trees the german tree and the

spanish tree

so i can tell you that i have some

experience with this app

all amigos jim here from spanish go your

resource for learning

real world travel spanish and normally

on this

channel we have all kinds of lessons for

learning spanish tips for

language acquisition and travel

inspiration so you can

travel to spanish-speaking countries

along with us but right now we're going

to dive in to my best tips for learning